jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The end of something beautiful.

For those who know me, might know i´ve been in a beautiful relationship for the last 5 years, until last week...Turns out my partner in crime wasn´t as happy as me, and he decided he wanted to be with me no more. I won´t lie, the way he did everything only made it more painful and i´ve been in hell for the last two weeks, it is hard knowing the person you love not only doesn´t feel the same, but he´s now with someone else.

Last night i was looking at the things he left and i decided i won´t moan anymore, i deleted him from my facebook friend list and put all his things in a storage box. It is hard but he moved on with his life, he´s happy and i am happy for him,  but i deserve to be happy too. I don´t know what life is gonna bring but it is exciting not knowing what to expect.