lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

My first experience designing a knitting pattern.

Last year i decided i wanted to start designing my own patterns, i thought it would be an easy task since i´ve been modifying and knitting my own garments for a long time, sometimes i use existing patterns but most of the time i had to modify them or just use some part of them. Well i was so wrong...turns out it is a really hard task, it took me about two weeks to spin all the yarn i needed to make a shawl i had in mind, then it took me weeks and a lot of swatches to finally get to a point where i was happy with the stitches i was going to use.

 I knew what i wanted, a shetland inspired shawl with a squarish shape that would look like a cape once it was over your shoulders, it had to have an open netting like main stitch and a lace border. Once i choose the netting stitch and assembled the border stitches, the first big problem i encountered was the way the border is attached to the finished shawl i had never knit something like that, and the corners oh the corners...if i knit the border as usual it made the corners curl and look weird, so i had to experiment with mitered corners, the picture below shows my first attempt, i had to make a few before i found the right one.

After that i knit the shawl, and it was a quite straight forward task, i had no problems at all, the yarn i used was a lace handspun made of finn wool in a natural white color.

 Before blocking i decided i didn´t liked it white so i decided to dye it in a turquoise color, i´m relatively new to dyeing so i wasn´t able to get the color i wanted, but i like so much i decided to keep it that way.

After that, i had the shawl the way i wanted it, and the instructions i wrote as i made it,  so i made the pattern and since it was my first one i decided it would be a good idea to test it, so i used the free pattern testers group on ravelry, it was mid september and it was already about two months since i started. I got four volunteer to test my pattern and the deadline was the end of october.

 Over the time they made me noticed i had some mistakes, mostly on the writing since english is not my native language, and then my first tester disappeared, the deadline was over and none of the remaining testers was able to finish so i gave them more time, at the end only one of them was able to finish it. I´ve been on the other side and i know sometimes there are certain circumstances that simply won´t let you finish on time, so i simply closed the tests happy to know at least one person had made a shawl using my instructions.

 It was the end of november and about four months since i started, whilst my testers were working on that pattern i decided it would be nice to have a triangular version of the shawl too just for fun, so knit one using a cobweb handspun yarn i had in my stash.

Then i decided i wanted to add the instructions to knit the triangular version to my original pattern, it was december already and i had a lot of traveling to do visiting my parents and grandparents, so i tried my instructions knitting another triangular version but this time using a lace handspun yarn.

By the end of december i had the triangular version tested, unfortunately i got a lot of work to do for my master degree thesis and the pattern had to go to the queue, even when the only thing i had to do was to add it to the original pattern and add some photos. A few days ago i was finally able to finish and publish the whole pattern  to ravelry's database, it took me about six months but i feel so happy and proud to know maybe one day i´ll see on the internet somebody wearing a shawl made with my pattern, a garment that came out of my imagination.

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Lanezi dijo...

Enhorabuena!! el diseño ya de por sí es una actividad dificil, pero hacerlo con un chal me parece aún más complicada. No me extraña que tardaras tanto en conseguirlo, y además con tus estudios de postgrado.
Me preguntas cómo lo hago yo? pues no creas que soy tan rápida, para los guantes tardé muchas semanas; te da esa impresión porque últimamente he publicado todo lo que tejí entre el otoño e invierno pasados. Parecen muchas cosas pero todas ellas son labores pequeñas: guantes y calcetines.
Y como soy una lectora empedernida, siempre tejo mientras estoy leyendo, las prendas van creciendo y yo apenas me percato de ello.

frazom dijo...

si es tardado, pero como me gusta mucho tejer chales pues no me imaginaba haciendo otra cosa, aparte tenía que aprovechar los estambres que había hilado (que por alguna razón siempre terminan siendo lace), ahora tengo un par de diseños en mente para chales y un cardigan, espero terminar pronto el posgrado para poder dedicarle un poco de tiempo.

Me sorprendes, yo puedo tejer viendo televisión, pero no leyendo, lo he intentado y termino perdiendo la concentración. Yo tejo relativamente rápido, un shawl puede tomarme una semana o dos cuando mucho, pero este invierno entre la escuela y el hilado, casi no he dedicado tiempo a tejer.

Josep Mendoza dijo...

tu chal es hermoso, espero algún día tejerlo :)